22 Best Water Heaters In Singapore

Have you ever found yourself shivering in the shower because your water heater gave up on you? We’ve all been there, and it’s a chilly reminder that having a reliable water heater is necessary. 

Singapore offers a vast array of options, each with its unique features and benefits. But which one truly stands out? Which one ensures you never face an unexpected cold shower again? 

If you’re wondering where to find the best water heaters in Singapore, you’ve landed at the right spot. 

This listicle is here to guide you, offering the top 30 best water heaters in Singapore to keep you toasty and comfortable.


Image Credit: Panasonic

A giant in the home appliances sector, Panasonic’s foray into water heaters continues their legacy of excellence. With designs that prioritise comfort, antibacterial features, and additional safety measures, they effortlessly secure their spot among the best water heaters in Singapore.

Location:202 Bedok South Avenue 1, Singapore 469332
Contact:Tel: +65 62227222
Fax: +65 6299 1212
Google Review:Not Found

#1. DH-3NS1SW Instant Electric Water Heater

Image Credit: Panasonic

The DH-3NS1SW is the enhanced counterpart to the standard DH-3RL1SW, positioning itself as the “Luxury” variant in the series.

It is engineered for safety and incorporates 9 distinct safety features, including a robust IP25-compliant structure and advanced internal circuitry equipped with a power cut-off mechanism. Water sensors ensure added protection. 

The water heater goes a step further by enhancing the showering experience. Its 3-way shower selector, straightforward one-push on/off switch, and the Ag+ silver crystal antibacterial shower head collectively deliver a blend of safety and luxury.

Model name:DH-3NS1SW Instant Electric Water Heater
Google Review:Not Found

#2. DH-3RL1SW Instant Electric Water Heater

Image Credit: Panasonic

The Panasonic DH-3RL1SW is a water heater that reflects the precision and expertise of Japanese technology. Its design incorporates 9 safety features, ensuring maximum protection for users.

This includes a meticulously crafted IP25-compliant structure, safeguarding against potential hazards. Moreover, its internal circuitry is not only advanced but also comes with a crucial power cut-off function.

Complemented by its water sensors, the DH-3RL1SW provides both efficiency and unparalleled safety, cementing its place among the best water heaters in Singapore.

Model name:DH-3RL1SW Instant Electric Water Heater
Google Review:Not Found

Ariston Water Heaters

Image Credit: Ariston Water Heaters

One glance at an Ariston unit, and you’ll appreciate its sleek design, courtesy of Italian maestro, Umberto Palermo. But the best water heaters in Singapore aren’t just about looks, are they? Ariston ensures performance goes hand-in-hand with design. 

Renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and top-tier safety features, it’s no wonder Ariston Water Heaters have become a household name in the city.

Location:Ariston Thermo Pte Ltd has 2 main offices:
1 Gateway Drive, #20-05/06, Westgate Tower, Singapore 6085311
One North Crescent, Razer Singapore HQ, #07-02, Suite No S7001 Singapore 138538
Contact:Tel: +65 6226 0292
Customer Service: +65 6305 0899 
Google Review:Not Found

#3. Andris2 Top WIFI

Image Credit: Ariston Water Heaters

Pioneering a blend of modern technology with functional design, the Andris2 water heater integrates Wi-Fi capabilities, giving users an edge in real-time monitoring and control.

Its patented titanium heating system is a testament to its durability, backed by a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, the titanshield technology fortifies the tank, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Prioritising safety, the Andris2 incorporates anti-scalding features alongside antibacterial properties. This ensures a secure and hygienic experience, positioning it as one of the best water heaters in Singapore.

Model name:Ariston Electric Storage Water Heater w/ WIFI
Price:Request quote for exact price
Google Review ratings:Not Found

#4. Aures Luxury Round RT33

Image Credit: Ariston Water Heaters

A synthesis of efficiency and aesthetic brilliance, the Aures Luxury instant water heater effortlessly delivers instant heating with a consistent temperature.

Its sleek design doesn’t just serve aesthetic purposes; it received the 2017 GOOD DESIGN award in the Bath and Accessories category. 

To tailor the experience, the heater provides 5 spray options and up to 3 distinct shower profiles. This allows users to save their preferred showering temperatures for future use.

Its innovative features and design excellence secure its place among the leading water heaters in Singapore.

Model name:Ariston Aures Luxury Instant Water Heater
Price:Request quote for exact price
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Joven Electric

Image Credit: Joven Electric

From its humble beginnings in the ’80s, Joven Electric has grown leaps and bounds. Their mission, to bring quality water heating solutions at affordable prices, has made them a household name. Whether it’s instant or storage water heaters, they remain a top choice among the best water heaters in Singapore.

Location:They have no office in Singapore, but they do have local distributors. 
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 8AM – 5:30PM
Sat: 8:30AM – 12:30PM
Contact:Sales Tel: +65 6283 3181
Customer Service:  +65 6749 3772
Fax: +65 6749 3575
Google Review:Not Found

#5. Instant Water Heater 500 Series

Image Credit: Joven Electric

The 500 Series offers outstanding value without compromising on quality. Designed for those seeking an economical option, this water heater does not sacrifice reliability.

Key features include stepless power control and IP25 splashproof protection, ensuring the inner circuitry remains safeguarded from water damage. 

Users can expect efficient water heating with its copper heating element, making it a cost-effective choice in the competitive Singapore market.

Model name:Instant Water Heater 500 Series
Google Review:Not Found

#6. SB11 Grey Rain Shower

Image Credit: Joven Electric

Marrying aesthetics with functionality, the SB11 Grey Rain Shower boasts electronic power control, allowing precise temperature adjustments while maximising energy efficiency.

Prioritising safety, it features a thermostat which provides anti-scalding and overheating protection, significantly minimising potential fire risks. This model stands out in a market that values both beauty and practicality.

Model name:SB11 Grey Rain Shower
Google Review:Not Found

#7. JSH Horizontal Storage

Image Credit: Joven Electric

A contemporary solution, the JSH Horizontal Storage water heater offers a range of capacities, from 25L to 91L. One of its standout features is the Heat Elevator Technology, proven to achieve a 20% reduction in energy consumption.

Constructed with a stainless steel tank, it guarantees rust-free water, ensuring purity. Its Quad Safety System encompasses safety pressure relief, a thermostat, safety cut-out, and dry burn protection, providing users with peace of mind.

Model name:JSH Horizontal Storage
Price:Starts at $265 up to $345
Google Review:Not Found

Bennington Technologies

Image Credit: Bennington Technologies

Emerging in 2002, Bennington Technologies might seem like the new kid on the block. But in a short span, it’s risen among the ranks to offer some of the best water heaters in Singapore

Their innovative Multipoint Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters have made waves, and their introduction of the Antioxidant Alkaline Water Systems in 2013 combined affordability with quality. With each innovation, Bennington further solidifies its standing.

Location:4009 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #04-34 Techplace 1, Singapore 569738
Contact:Tel: +65 6552 3033
Fax: +65 6752 6066
Google Review ratings:2.9 ⭐⭐⭐ from 31 reviews as of 17 October 2023

#8. C600 Multi-point Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Image Credit: Bennington Technologies

The C600 stands out for its versatility. As a multi-point instantaneous electric water heater, it’s engineered to supply hot water to multiple outlets, ideal for households with simultaneous needs. 

What sets the C600 apart is its integration of German technology, expertly adapted for Singapore’s unique climate. This ensures users receive the best of both worlds: cutting-edge innovation tailored to local conditions.

Model name:Bennington Technologies Multi-point Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters
Google Review ratings:2.9 ⭐⭐⭐ from 31 reviews as of 17 October 2023


Image Credit: 707

707 has remained synonymous with trust, safety, and reliability in the Singaporean market for over half a century. 707’s focus on energy efficiency and safety is what makes them one of the best water heaters in Singapore. When families think of water heaters, 707 often tops the list, and for good reason.

Location:60 Paya Lebar Road #04-17 Paya Lebar Square (Office Lobby 1), Singapore 409051
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 8AM – 5:30PM
Contact:Tel: +65 6749 8885
Fax: +65 6749 8887
Google Review ratings:3.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 8 reviews as of 17 October 2023

#9. Instant Water Heater Kingston with Rain Shower

Image Credit: 707

The Kingston is hard to beat for those seeking both luxury and functionality. It provides a broad HydroSapa ace rain shower, ensuring every shower is indulgent. Its energy-efficient DC pump ensures even households with lower water pressure experience the desired strength. 

Packed with safety features, from anti-scald and leakage detection to a splashproof rating and overheating indicator, it assures peace of mind. The durable internal copper tank ensures longevity and maintains a consistent water temperature.

Model name:Instant Water Heater Kingston with Rain Shower 
Google Review ratings:3.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 8 reviews as of 17 October 2023

#10. Instant Water Heater Princeton

Image Credit: 707

Princeton focuses on delivering an unparalleled shower experience. Prioritising safety, it has features like an IP25 splash-proof rating, a power cut-off for anti-scalding, and an overheat warning indicator. 

The robust copper tank is designed for durability, ensuring that the heater stands the test of time. A flow control mechanism guarantees users enjoy a shower at a steady and consistent temperature, making each experience memorable.

Model name:Instant Water Heater Princeton
Google Review ratings:3.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 8 reviews as of 17 October 2023


Image Credit: Champs

Champs takes pride in its holistic approach to producing water heaters. Involved from inception to distribution, this commitment to quality has made them synonymous with the best water heaters in Singapore

Whether you’re after instant water heaters or storage ones, Champs offers a range ensuring every homeowner finds their perfect match. Their dedication to design, development, and distribution is a testament to their quality.

Location:Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 8AM – 5:30PM
Contact:Tel: +65 6749 8885
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#11. Legend Instant Water Heater With Rain Shower Set

Image Credit: Champs

Efficiency and luxury combine in the Legend Instant Water Heater. Its polymer tank is expertly designed to retain heat, ensuring consistently hot water while conserving energy. 

Prioritising user safety, this heater is equipped with a leakage detection system, which automatically cuts off the power in case of any malfunction. Each unit has a lavish rain shower set, complemented by a premium multi-massage hand shower, enhancing the overall shower experience.

Model name:Legend Instant Water Heater With Rain Shower Set 
Google Review ratings:Not Found

#12. City Instant Water Heater

Image Credit: Champs

The City Instant Water Heater showcases efficiency through its high-quality polymer tank, crafted for durability and optimal performance. A standout feature is its 3-in-1 stop valve, which gives users control over water flow, contributing to water conservation and energy savings.

This heater doesn’t compromise on safety either. It’s equipped with robust internal circuit protection and an anti-scald device, ensuring peace of mind for its users.

Model name:City Instant Water Heater
Google Review ratings:Not Found

#13. A15 Pro Storage Water Heater

Image Credit: Champs

Longevity is at the core of the A15 Pro Storage Water Heater. Its Sapphire enamel-coated tank offers superior resistance to corrosion, ensuring a prolonged lifespan. Users can expect precise temperature control, allowing them to customise their experience. 

Additionally, the heater comes with light indicators, providing real-time feedback on water temperature, further enhancing user convenience.

Model name:A15 Pro Storage Water Heater
Google Review ratings:Not Found


Image Credit: Mistral

Under the banner of Mayer Marketing, Mistral brings forth a range of instant water heaters that are as elegant as they are efficient. Known for their durability and thoughtful features like the anti-scalding design, it’s clear why they’re among the best water heaters in Singapore.

Location:71 Ubi Crescent #06-02 Excalibur Centre, Singapore 408571
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 9AM – 5PM
Contact:Tel: +65 6542 6868
Customer Service: +65 6542 8383
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#14. MSH303i Instant Shower Heater 

Image Credit: Mistral

Functionality meets affordability with the MSH303i Instant Shower Heater. Designed with the user in mind, it meets the IP25 standard for splash-proofing, ensuring safety in damp environments.

The anti-scalding feature is a crucial addition, guaranteeing a safe shower experience. Its sliding shower set is a nod to convenience, all offered at a highly competitive price point, making it a sensible choice for those prioritising both safety and value.

Model name:MSH303i Instant Shower Heater
Google Review:Not Found

#15. MSH88P Mistral Instant Water Heater with DC Pump 

Image Credit: Mistral

The MSH88P stands out with its advanced features, justifying its higher price tag. The DC silent inverter pump technology ensures efficient operation without the usual noise disturbances. 

In terms of safety, it excels with a built-in Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) and retains the IP25 splash-proof and anti-scalding standards. The added luxury of a rain shower column, combined with a multi-massage spray handheld, elevates the overall showering experience.

Model name:MSH88P Mistral Instant Water Heater with DC Pump
Google Review:Not Found

#16. MSH708 Instant Shower Heater 

Image Credit: Mistral

The MSH708 offers a blend of reliability and advanced technology. Much like the MSH303i, it possesses the IP25 splash-proof and anti-scalding features. 

Its full copper inner tank sets it apart, a feature ensuring enhanced temperature control and durability. This design tweak aids in providing a consistent and comfortable shower experience. An accompanying sliding shower set complements the heater’s functional design.

Model name:MSH708 Instant Shower Heater
Google Review:Not Found


Image Credit: Everhot

Stepping into the world of water heaters, Everhot stands tall with the backing of Rheem Manufacturing – Australia’s leading water heater producer.

Specialising in both residential and commercial water heaters, Everhot truly epitomises what it means to be among the best water heaters in Singapore. Their diverse range ensures every household or business finds the perfect fit.

Location:8 Pandan Crescent, #02-02, Singapore 128464
Contact:Tel: +65 6872 1161
Service Hotline: +65 6872 2043
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#17. Everhot 310L Integrated Heat Pump

Image Credit: Everhot

The Everhot 310L heat pump offers an eco-friendly approach to water heating, harnessing ambient air to warm your water. Not only is this method significantly more energy-efficient compared to conventional electric systems, but it also results in notable cost savings. 

Designed with a substantial tank capacity, it’s well-suited for commercial applications. Durability is at the core of its design, ensuring consistent water temperature and prolonged efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for those looking at long-term investments.

Model name:Everhot 310L Integrated Heat Pump
Price:Contact local distributors near you for a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

#18. Everhot 25L Water Storage Heater

Image Credit: Everhot

Compact yet robust, the Everhot 25L stands out due to its durability and thoughtful design. The dual-handed inlet and outlet fittings offer versatility, ensuring accessibility and easing potential replacement procedures. 

Such practical design considerations not only ensure easy maintenance but also extend the lifespan of the heater. It’s a reliable solution for those seeking efficiency in a more compact size without compromising on the quality or longevity of the appliance.

Model name:Everhot 25L Water Storage Heater
Google Review ratings:Not Found


Image Credit: Trentios

Drawing inspiration from its parent company and a dash of Latin, Trentios’ water heaters are a marriage of tradition and technology.

Their IntelliHeat systems, equipped with a touchscreen interface, not only track water and electricity usage but also look stunning in modern homes. This smart approach solidifies their place among the best water heaters in Singapore.

Location:Ubi View #01-04, Focus One, Singapore 408555
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 9AM – 6PM
Sat: 9AM – 12:30PM
Contact:Sales: +65 6634 0311 
Customer Service: +65 6634 0312
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#19. Zenith T1 IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater

Image Credit: Trentios

The Zenith T1 stands for efficiency in water heating. Its innovative touchscreen offers real-time water and electricity consumption data, empowering users to monitor and adjust usage patterns. The dual-element heating promises rapid heating, ensuring steady water temperature throughout use. 

Safety is paramount with its anti-scalding feature, while the anti-corrosion stainless steel tank ensures longevity. Backed by a 10-year warranty on its heating element, it exemplifies reliability.

Model name:Zenith T1 IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Paloma Tankless Water Heaters

Image Credit: Paloma Tankless Water Heaters

Catering to both commercial and residential spheres, Paloma Tankless water heaters offer flexibility with their indoor and outdoor installation options. Their varied flow rates, reaching up to 32 L per minute, position them as one of the best water heaters in Singapore.

Location:They have no office in Singapore, but they do have local distributors. 
Contact:They have no local hotline
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#20. PH-1615AW Paloma Tankless Water Heater

Image Credit: Paloma Tankless Water Heaters

Designed for the outdoors, the Paloma PH-1615AW boasts a commendable 16L capacity. Its impressive 83% energy efficiency rating underlines its commitment to sustainable heating solutions.

Its Over Heat Limiting film wrap is unique and monitors heat across its entire surface rather than just at specific points. 

It incorporates a remote temperature controller with a Q function for seamless outdoor usability, mitigating temperature swings.

Model name:Paloma Tankless Water Heater
Google Review ratings:Not Found


Image Credit: Ferroli 

Having carved its niche over several years, Ferroli’s water heaters cater to many domestic hot water needs.

Whether you’re looking at grand establishments or cosy homes, their products consistently rank among the best water heaters in Singapore. The blend of experience and innovation is what makes them a top pick.

Location:They have no office in Singapore, but they do have local distributors. 
Contact:They have no local hotline
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#21. Ferroli Gas Water Heater I/O

Image Credit: Ferroli 

Offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor settings, the Ferroli Gas Water Heater is designed to serve multiple shower outlets, ideal for households with high hot water demands.

It prioritises consistent water temperature, achieved through its advanced microcomputer controls. An added layer of assurance comes from its inbuilt self-safety inspection mechanism.

Model name:Ferroli Gas Water Heater GS I/OE
Price:Contact local distributors near you for a quote
Google Review ratings: Not Found

#22. Classical Horizontal Electric Water Heater

Image Credit: Ferroli 

The Classical horizontal electric heater is available in diverse capacities to cater to varied needs. Its tank is thoughtfully designed with a glass lining, ensuring longevity and efficient heating.

The double capillary thermostat system, with one dedicated to temperature regulation and the other to safety, underlines its commitment to user-friendly and safe operations.

Model name:Classical Horizontal Electric Water Heater
Price:Contact local distributors near you for a quote
Google Review ratings: Not Found

Conclusion About The Best Water Heaters In Singapore

Choosing the right water heater is not just about staying warm; it’s about finding a reliable, long-lasting solution that fits seamlessly into your home.

Whether you prioritise energy efficiency, design, or tech features, our list of the best water heaters in Singapore offers a little something for everyone. 

Remember, a quality water heater is an investment in your comfort and peace of mind. So, take your pick and enjoy those blissful showers!

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Water Heaters In Singapore

Which Water Heater Consumes Less Electricity?

Heat pump water heaters are generally the most energy-efficient, followed by gas water heaters. Among electric models, instant (tankless) water heaters typically consume less electricity than storage water heaters because they heat water only when needed, avoiding standby energy losses. Always look for the energy rating on the product, as higher-rated products will be more efficient.

How Long Does A Water Heater Last In Singapore?

The lifespan of a water heater in Singapore typically ranges from 5 to 15 years, depending on the type, quality, usage, and maintenance. Regular maintenance, such as checking for sediments and flushing the tank, can prolong the heater’s lifespan.

Do Electric Water Heaters Save Money?

Electric water heaters, especially instant (tankless) ones, can save money on electricity bills as they heat water only on demand. However, while their operational costs might be lower, they often have higher upfront costs than conventional storage water heaters. Over time, the reduced electricity consumption can offset this initial cost difference. Comparing the operational costs with the purchase and installation costs can help determine potential savings.

What Is The New Technology For Water Heaters?

Recent advancements in water heater technology include heat pump systems, which extract heat from the surrounding air to warm the water, and smart water heaters equipped with interactive touchscreens for efficient energy and water usage monitoring. Additionally, innovations like titanium heating systems and Sapphire enamel-coated tanks enhance durability and efficiency.

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