27 Best CRM Software For Small Businesses In Singapore

When it comes to streamlining operations, enhancing customer relationships, and driving growth, choosing the best CRM software for small businesses in Singapore is paramount.

The city-state’s bustling business landscape demands efficiency and precision, making investing in a CRM solution that aligns seamlessly with your needs crucial. 

So, if you’re a startup or have a small business, finding the ideal CRM software can be a game-changer for your business in Singapore.

#1. BestMarketer – Best CRM Software For Small Businesses

Image Credit: BestMarketer
Contact:+65 6027 2388 (Call)
contact@bestmarketing.com.sg (Email)
Price:$97 per month
$997 per year
Key Features:Email Marketing
SMS Tracking
Unlimited Sales Funnel
Website Builder
Call Tracking
Surveys & Forms
Booking & Appointments
CRM & Pipeline Management
Tracking Analytics
Reputation Management

BestMarketer stands as a beacon for seeking the best CRM software for small businesses in Singapore to elevate their online marketing and sales. It’s a comprehensive platform that turns every digital interaction into a potential lead, offering a unified space to manage customer details, conversations, and interactions across various channels like Facebook, Instagram, and email. 

Its strength is converting these leads into sales via customisable landing pages and drag-and-drop website builders, eliminating the need for external designers or programmers. BestMarketer also excels in increasing transaction sizes through smart up-selling and cross-selling strategies. Its multifaceted approach, including email, social media, and custom member areas, boosts customer retention.

#2. Insightly

Image Credit: Insightly
Price:$29 – $99 (USD) per user per month
Key Features:Sales Pipeline & Lead Management
Opportunity Management with Customisable Pipelines
Business Workflow & Process Automation
Validation Rules & Advanced Permissions
Comprehensive Project & Task Management

Insightly presents itself as a highly scalable and affordable CRM solution, perfect for small businesses in Singapore seeking robust features without the enterprise price tag. Renowned for its ease of use and adaptability, Insightly supports businesses through every growth stage. 

Its sales pipeline and lead management tools enable businesses to effectively convert leads, manage opportunities, and accelerate sales processes. The platform excels in workflow and process automation, eliminating repetitive tasks and human error, thereby enhancing team productivity. 

Insightly’s advanced permissions and validation rules ensure data integrity, while its comprehensive project and task management tools facilitate seamless post-sale transitions. 

With customisable CRM features and efficient customer email management, Insightly empowers businesses to build lasting customer relationships and optimise business processes for greater success.

#3. NetSuite

Image Credit: Netsuite
Contact:Visit their website for more information
Price:Visit their website for more information
Key Features:Streamlined lead-to-cash processes
360-degree customer view and sales performance management
Salesforce and marketing automation
Comprehensive customer service and support
Mobile accessibility for remote CRM data management

NetSuite offers a comprehensive CRM solution, ideal for small businesses in Singapore looking to streamline their lead-to-cash processes. It provides a 360-degree view of customers, elevating productivity and improving sales performance through advanced forecasting and commission management. 

This cloud-based CRM integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP and eCommerce platforms, offering a unified approach to managing global sales, marketing, and partner organisations. 

With mobile accessibility, sales force automation, and in-depth analytics, NetSuite empowers teams with real-time access to customer data, leading to informed decision-making. 

The platform’s robust capabilities in upsell management, quote and order processing, and multi-channel customer support make it a standout choice for small businesses in Singapore seeking to enhance their customer relationship management.

#4. Salesforce Essentials

Image Credit: Salesforce Essentials
Contact:800 1301 448 (Call)
Price:$25 per user per month
Key Features:Contact and Lead Management
Email Integration
Sales Automation

Salesforce Essentials has pioneered the relationship between companies and customers in Singapore through its world-renowned CRM solutions. Salesforce Essentials unites diverse teams and departments at its core, providing a cohesive platform to foster stronger connections and pursue collective goals. 

It’s not just a CRM; it’s a movement towards building trust and respect, which is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. 

The platform’s Customer 360 tool, integrated collaboration capabilities, and Tableau for in-depth insights make it a top choice for small businesses in Singapore aiming to stay ahead in customer engagement and relationship building.

#5. Keap

Image Credit: Keap
Price:$159  – $229 per month
Key Features:Automated Lead Capture and Organisation
Centralised Data Management
Personalised Follow-up Triggers
Easy Migration from Competing Platforms
Integration with Key Business Apps

Keap stands out as a top client management software for small businesses in Singapore, offering comprehensive lead capture and follow-up automation. Its ability to gather and organise contacts from diverse sources into a unified database accessible from desktop and mobile platforms streamlines business operations. 

Keap’s personalised follow-up triggers and segmentation tools enable businesses to convert more leads efficiently. The platform boasts easy migration and integration capabilities, syncing seamlessly with popular apps like Gmail, PayPal, and Quickbooks. 

Keap is designed to significantly enhance lead capture efforts, making it a valuable tool for small businesses in Singapore looking to organise their client management and automate critical business processes.

#6. SuiteDash

Image Credit: SuiteDash
Contact:questions@suitedash.com (Email)
Price:Free 14-day trial
Paid plans start from $19 – $99 per month (USD)
Key Features:Comprehensive CRM capabilities
Integrated project and task management
Invoicing and recurring billing features
File sharing functionality
Tailored for various professional niches

SuiteDash emerges as an innovative solution for small businesses in Singapore, addressing the need for an all-in-one CRM platform. It integrates many business functions under one comprehensive dashboard, from project management and billing to client portals and email marketing. 

This integrated approach streamlines business processes and significantly reduces the cognitive load of managing multiple tools and subscriptions. SuiteDash extends its utility beyond mere functionality by allowing extensive customisation. 

Businesses can tailor the platform to reflect their brand, from the aesthetics of the dashboard to the URL, creating a professional and cohesive client-facing interface. This level of personalisation, combined with its functional breadth, makes SuiteDash an invaluable asset for small businesses looking to impress their clientele and streamline their operations.

#7. HubSpot CRM

Image Credit: HubSpot CRM
Contact:+65 6955 6000 (call)
Price:$800 – $3,600 per month (USD)
Key Features:Email tracking software
Email marketing software
Lead management software
Marketing analytics

HubSpot stands as a pinnacle in CRM solutions specially tailored for small businesses in Singapore. Its comprehensive platform unifies marketing, sales, content management, and customer service, streamlining every facet of customer interaction. 

HubSpot’s unique strength lies in its interconnected suite of products, all built on a foundational CRM database that provides deep insights into customer journeys. This seamless integration across various business functions enables small businesses in Singapore to grow rapidly by focusing on what truly matters: their customers. 

The platform’s magic unfolds when its diverse tools are used in concert, offering a holistic approach to customer relationship management.

#8. Vtiger CRM

Image Credit: Vtiger
Contact:sales@vtiger.com (Email)
Price:$12 – $42
Key Features:Unified Customer Data View and Analytics
Intelligent Sales CRM with Contact Management
Multichannel Help Desk and Support Center
Efficient Marketing Automation
Comprehensive Project and Task Management

Vtiger CRM is the best CRM software for small businesses in Singapore, offering a unified view of customer data, insightful analytics, and robust integrations. It’s an all-in-one platform to enhance customer engagement, accelerate deal closure, and foster brand loyalty. 

Vtiger equips teams with essential tools for intelligent sales management, including a 360-degree view of contacts, efficient deal management, and multi-touchpoint communication. 

The platform’s strength lies in its multi-channel help desk and marketing automation, streamlining support and customer outreach. 

Vtiger also excels in project management, simplifying the sale-to-close process with integrated tracking and billing features. Its customizability and comprehensive features make it a top choice for Singaporean businesses looking to manage their sales, marketing, and customer support seamlessly.

#9. Less Annoying CRM

Image Credit: Less Annoying CRM
Contact:help@lessannoyingcrm.com (Email)
Price:$15 per user per month
Key Features:Unlimited contacts and custom fields
User-friendly pipelines and email logging
Task management features
25GB file storage per user
Mobile access and user permission controls

Less Annoying CRM, established by two brothers with a mission to support small businesses, redefines the CRM experience with its straightforward and uncluttered approach. Eschewing the frills of conventional CRM systems, it offers small businesses in Singapore what they genuinely need – a reliable, no-nonsense CRM solution. 

This CRM system stands out for its commitment to transparency and customer-centric values. It prioritises accessibility and accountability, ensuring businesses have a direct line to the custodians of their crucial data. 

Less Annoying CRM offers a refreshing, trust-based alternative for small businesses navigating the complex CRM landscape by focusing on building partnerships rather than just providing a service.

#10. Nutshell

Image Credit: Nutshell
Price:$16 – $67 (USD)
Key Features:Sales automation for maximum efficiency
Detailed reporting and analytics
Comprehensive email marketing tools
Web form collection for lead capture
Team collaboration and contact management

Nutshell stands out as a versatile CRM and sales automation platform tailor-made for small businesses in Singapore. It puts time-consuming tasks on autopilot, enhancing efficiency and allowing teams to focus on core sales activities. 

Nutshell’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into sales performance, while its email marketing features streamline customer communication. 

The platform ensures comprehensive contact management and team collaboration, storing customer interactions for easy access. 

With integrations across popular business tools like Google Suite, Microsoft 365, and Quickbooks, Nutshell offers a centralised solution for managing sales pipelines and customer relationships. It is ideal for small businesses looking to grow their revenue and streamline sales processes.

#11. Pipedrive

Image Credit: Pipedrive
Contact:support@pipedrive.com (Email)
Price:From $12.50 – $74.90
Key Features:Lead management with chatbot integration
Communication tracking for calls and emails
Automated administrative tasks
Customisable sales reports
Mobile access with extensive app integrations

Pipedrive offers a feature-rich environment tailored to the evolving needs of small businesses in Singapore, focusing on deal prioritisation, performance tracking, and revenue prediction. It streamlines lead and deal management with tools like custom chatbots and web forms, ensuring a constant influx of hot leads. 

Pipedrive’s strength lies in its ability to track communications comprehensively, providing full visibility and control over schedules. It eliminates administrative busywork through automation and leverages AI to offer insightful analytics and reports. 

Additionally, Pipedrive’s robust mobile apps and over 350 integrations expand its capabilities, making it an ideal choice for small businesses in Singapore looking for a CRM that offers extensive sales analytics and real-time performance tracking.

#12. Zoho CRM

Image Credit: Zoho CRM
Contact:+65 67231040 (Call)
sales@zohocorp.com (Email)
Price:$14 – $52 per user per month
Key Features:Automation (Macros) Google Ads Integration
Integration with Google Workspace
Social Media Management
Automated lead generation from Facebook and Twitter
Live Chat and Visitor Tracking
Custom Modules

Zoho CRM emerges as a frontrunner in CRM solutions, especially tailored for the vibrant and diverse small business sector in Singapore. Understanding the transition from traditional customer management methods to more sophisticated ones, Zoho CRM offers an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface perfect for businesses taking their first steps in CRM adoption. 

Its customisability and quick onboarding process, aided by Zwitch for seamless data migration, make it an ideal choice for small businesses evolving in operational complexity. Zoho CRM integrates effortlessly with various business tools and ensures robust data security. 

It excels in lead management, sales automation, and social media interaction management, positioning itself as a versatile and reliable CRM tool for Singapore’s small businesses.

#13. Monday Sales CRM

Image Credit: Monday Sales CRM
Contact:Visit their website to fill out a contact form
Price:Free trial available
Paid plans start from $10 – $24
Key Features:Unlimited contacts and pipelines
Advanced account, contact, and deal management
Integration with Gmail and Outlook
Sales forecasting and customisable email templates
Email tracking and automation

Monday Sales CRM stands out as a highly customisable sales platform, ideal for small businesses in Singapore seeking a CRM solution that requires no coding expertise. 

It allows businesses to tailor the CRM to their unique sales cycle, offering the flexibility to edit deal stages, manage multiple pipelines, and add various data columns as needed. 

Monday Sales CRM excels in automating sales processes, saving valuable time for businesses by automating lead assignments and setting reminders for crucial activities. 

It also centralises client communication, efficiently integrating email interactions and employing personalised email templates, thereby streamlining customer engagement for small businesses.

#14. Zendesk

Image Creidt: Zendesk
Price:$19 – $115 per user per month
Key Features:AI tools and workflow automation for agent efficiency
Unified workspace for faster channel switching
Omnichannel support (email, live chat, phone, social media)
Customisable reporting and analytics
Seamless integration with business tools

Zendesk is recognised as a powerful support software, ideally suited for small businesses in Singapore looking to maximise agent efficiency and drive better customer conversations. It offers AI tools and workflow automation to enhance agent performance alongside a unified workspace for effective channel management. 

Zendesk’s omnichannel support integrates various customer communication channels, providing flexibility and convenience. The platform is adept at adapting to change, with analytics to monitor team performance and spot customer trends. 

Zendesk serves over 100,000 businesses globally, offering a complete customer service solution that’s easy to use and scalable. 

It empowers businesses to deliver innovative customer experiences backed by a flexible platform for quick setup and customisation. It is an excellent choice for Singaporean businesses focused on exceptional customer service.

#15. Spotler

Image Credit: Spotler
Price:Free 14-day trial
Paid plans start from $21 – $64
Key Features:Sales management and customer interaction tracking
Comprehensive marketing campaign management
Efficient customer service management
User-friendly CRM with easy setup
Built-in email marketing and GDPR compliance

Spotler CRM offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use CRM system, perfect for small businesses in Singapore, aiming to manage sales, marketing, and customer support efficiently. The platform provides essential sales tools for customer and prospect management, marketing features for campaign execution, and service tools for excellent customer support. 

Spotler CRM is praised for its simplicity and effectiveness, tailored for B2B teams and designed for quick setup and ease of use. The platform offers free and continuous customer support, ensuring users maximise their potential. 

Its integrated advanced marketing solution directly provides seamless email campaign management from the CRM, with GDPR compliance and lead tracking for ROI optimisation. 

As businesses grow, Spotler CRM adapts, offering scalability and customisation to meet evolving needs, making it a smart choice for Singaporean businesses seeking a CRM that grows with them.

#16. ActiveCampaign

Image Credit: ActiveCampaign
Price:From $29 – $149 (USD)
Key Features:Personalised email and interaction automation
Lead-driving marketing automation
CRM for sales automation and lead engagement
Over 900 integrations with various apps
Sales analytics with lead scoring

ActiveCampaign revolutionises CRM and marketing for small businesses in Singapore with its powerful automation capabilities. It enables businesses to deliver personalised communications and automate tasks of any scale, ensuring a consistent customer experience from start to finish. 

ActiveCampaign’s marketing tools empower businesses to drive high-quality leads and increase customer engagement through personalisation and data unification. Its sales automation platform assists sales teams in effectively capturing, qualifying, and engaging leads. 

Furthermore, with over 900 integrations, including Shopify and WordPress, ActiveCampaign offers a comprehensive, connected solution for small businesses aiming to surpass sales goals and enhance lead engagement.

#17. ADA-Asia

Image Credit: ADA-Asia
Price:Contact them for more information
Key Features:Centralised customer data management
Omnichannel CRM for personalised customer experience
Advanced AI/NLP engine for conversational commerce
Multilingual omnichannel chatbots
Integrated performance marketing and creative content studio

ADA-Asia offers a transformative CRM platform, perfect for businesses in Singapore looking to revolutionise their marketing efforts with a streamlined, all-in-one solution. The platform centralises customer data, facilitating improved lead management and maximising conversions. 

ADA-Asia’s omnichannel CRM empowers marketing strategies, offering personalised customer experiences through popular channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and email. The platform’s AI-driven conversational experiences and multilingual chatbots enhance customer engagement, while its integrated solution spans media optimisation, tech, and analytics. 

ADA-Asia’s focus on performance marketing and data-driven creatives allows businesses to build targeted advertising campaigns based on real consumer insights. 

The CRM’s emphasis on data analytics and customer insights makes it an exceptional tool for businesses in Singapore seeking to personalise customer experiences and drive business success.

#18. Bitrix24

Image Credit: Bitrix24
Contact:info@bitrix24.com (Email)
Price:$49 – $399 (USD)
Key Features:Customer contact centre and detailed reporting
Comprehensive sales pipeline management
Lead tracking with web forms
Multichannel communication and marketing automation
Sales analytics and a mobile app for on-the-go management

Bitrix24 emerges as a comprehensive CRM solution, ideal for small businesses in Singapore looking to streamline customer interactions and enhance business efficiency. This platform excels in managing myriad customer interactions simultaneously while providing a thorough understanding of client needs. 

Bitrix24 offers features, including a customer contact centre, detailed reporting, a robust sales pipeline, and integrated invoicing. The platform’s strengths lie in its multi-channel communication capabilities and marketing automation, supplemented by AI and sales analytics. 

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Bitrix24 is customisable, allowing integration with existing tools making it a versatile and accessible choice for Singaporean businesses striving for growth and improved customer relations.

#19. BenchmarkONE

Image Credit: BenchmarkONE
Contact:Visit their website to fill out a contact form
Price:Free trial available
Paid plans start from $199 – $399
Key Features:Integration with email clients for conversation tracking
Dynamic segmentation and lead scoring
Real-time activity and website tracking
Comprehensive deals pipeline analysis

BenchmarkONE offers a simplified yet powerful CRM and marketing automation solution tailored for small businesses and marketing agencies in Singapore. It streamlines customer interactions by integrating email clients for comprehensive tracking and easy contact management. 

BenchmarkONE’s lead scoring and segmentation capabilities enable businesses to deliver targeted messages at the right time, enhancing engagement and conversion. 

The platform’s intuitive design allows for effortless addition of contacts and real-time activity monitoring, providing a clear view of sales goals and pipeline performance. 

With its focus on fostering strong relationships, BenchmarkONE is a standout choice for small businesses looking to drive sales and build lasting customer connections.

#20. Freshworks

Image Credit: Freshworks
Contact:sales@freshworks.com (Email)
Price:Free trial available
Paid plans start from $15 – $69
Key Features:Comprehensive Customer Service and Marketing Integration
AI-Powered Insights and Analytics
Customisable and Scalable Neo Platform
Extensive Marketplace with Over 1,200 Apps
Robust Collaboration and Communication Tools

Freshworks provides an all-in-one solution for customer engagement, making it an ideal choice for businesses in Singapore. The platform offers a range of tools, from Freshdesk and Freshchat for superior customer service to Freshmarketer for personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

Freshsales, its sales automation tool, accelerates the sales cycle with AI-powered insights, helping businesses close deals faster. 

Central to Freshworks, the Neo Platform offers a secure, scalable, and customisable environment, perfect for creating bespoke workflows and extending functionality with over 1,200 apps. 

Freshworks’ emphasis on AI-driven insights and its comprehensive suite of tools, including messaging integrations, collaboration features, and advanced analytics, make it a powerful choice for businesses aiming to enhance customer relationships and streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

#21. Agile CRM

Image Credit: Agile CRM
Contact:care@agilecrm.com (Email)
sales@agilecrm.com (Email)
Price:Free trial available
Paid plans start from $8.99 – $47.99 (USD)
Key Features:Integrated sales, marketing, and service automation
Telephony, appointment scheduling, and project management
Marketing automation and landing page builder
Social media integration and email marketing
Comprehensive helpdesk and ticketing system

Agile CRM is a top choice for Singapore’s small businesses, offering an all-in-one, affordable, next-generation CRM solution. Its platform automates sales, marketing, and service, ensuring consistency and preventing data leaks. 

Agile CRM is known for its ease of use, modern features, and excellent support, all available at a competitive price. The platform covers various functionalities, from contact management and telephony to marketing automation and helpdesk services. 

Its integration capabilities with social media and popular business tools like Google Apps and LinkedIn enhance its appeal as a comprehensive CRM solution for small businesses in Singapore looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to manage customer relationships and drive sales.

#22. SugarCRM

Image Credit: Sugar CRM
Contact:+65 6929 0889 (Call)
salesna@sugarcrm.com (Email)
Price:$49 – $1,000 (AUD)
Key Features:Robust cloud infrastructure with AI-powered predictions
Comprehensive configuration and customisation options
Time-awareness for detailed customer journey tracking
Marketing automation and sales force automation
Customer service platform for enhanced customer experiences

SugarCRM offers a robust solution for small businesses in Singapore, aiming to connect sales, marketing, and service teams efficiently. The platform stands out for its advanced cloud infrastructure, providing scalability and security, and is powered by AI for accurate customer predictions. 

SugarCRM’s comprehensive configuration and APIs allow for deep customisation, catering to diverse business needs. Its unique time-aware feature captures a detailed history of customer interactions, enhancing situational awareness. 

With modules for marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer service, SugarCRM empowers businesses to engage customers effectively, accelerate sales cycles, and create superior customer experiences. 

SugarCRM offers maximum flexibility and control for companies seeking an on-premises deployment, making it a strategic choice for businesses in Singapore focused on innovative customer relationship management.

#23. Nimble

Image Credit: Nimble
Contact:sales@nimble.com (Email)
Price:$29.90 per month
$24.90 per month
Key Features:Relationship-focused CRM for teams
Unified contact data from multiple sources
Cross-platform accessibility
Workflow management for growth
Microsoft and Google integrations, with email marketing features

Nimble stands out as a premier CRM solution for solopreneurs and business teams in Singapore, focusing on fostering and nurturing customer relationships. It enriches contact management by integrating social and business data, offering a seamless experience across all digital channels. 

Nimble’s strength lies in its ability to personalise CRM processes, allowing businesses to manage workflows and interactions effortlessly. 

With features like social profile matching, email integrations, and comprehensive sales and reporting tools, Nimble is an ideal choice for those who value relationship management as a core aspect of their business strategy.

#24. Streak

Image Credit: Streak
Price:Free trial available
Paid plans start from $15 per user per month – $129 per user per month (USD)
Key Features:Automatic data capture from contacts and emails
G Suite integration for efficient data access
Email, notes, and call log sharing among team members
View tracking and mail merge options
Customisable pipeline management for various workflows

Streak transforms Gmail into a powerful CRM tool, making it an ideal choice for small businesses in Singapore that rely heavily on Google’s ecosystem. It automates data capture from contacts and emails, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks in the sales pipeline. 

Built directly inside Gmail, Streak allows users to manage workflows without leaving their inboxes, boosting productivity and ensuring seamless data access. 

The platform acts as a ‘hive-mind’ for teams, automatically sharing emails, notes, and logs and offering a comprehensive view of sales activities alongside email communications. 

Streak simplifies CRM processes with features like email tracking, mail merge, and an intuitive design. It adapts to evolving sales strategies, making it a perfect fit for businesses seeking an efficient, Gmail-integrated CRM solution.

#25. Salesflare

Image Credit: Salesflare
Price:$29 – $99 per user per month
Key Features:Automated contact and company info-gathering
Automatic logging of meetings and phone calls
Document management per customer
Smart overview of opportunities
Digital engagement tracking

Salesflare is recognised as a simple yet powerful CRM, perfect for small and medium-sized B2B businesses in Singapore. Its fully automated system for managing contact and company information eliminates the need for manual data entry, gathering information from emails, social profiles, and more. 

Salesflare’s innovative feature of finding business email addresses streamlines reaching out to new leads. The CRM automatically logs meetings and phone calls, offering a unique document folder for each customer for easy access to exchanged files. 

Salesflare’s intelligent overview highlights opportunities requiring attention, with tracking features that monitor customer engagement. This CRM is designed for teams who value efficiency and insights, making it an ideal choice for businesses in Singapore focused on informed customer engagement and streamlined sales processes.

#26. Copper

Image Credit: Copper
Price:$29 – $129 (USD) per user per month
Key Features:Full integration with Google Workspace
Centralised contact and email management
Visual sales process tracking in pipelines
Productivity tools within Google Calendar and Gmail
Extensive integration with tools like Mailchimp, QuickBooks, and LinkedIn

Copper positions itself as the best CRM software for small businesses in Singapore that are deeply integrated with Google Workspace. This CRM system uniquely adapts to the Google environment, syncing effortlessly with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, providing an all-encompassing view of contacts and communications. 

It streamlines the sales process by visualising the end-to-end sales journey and embedding productivity tools directly into Google Workspace, enhancing efficiency and clarity in business growth strategies. 

Copper offers a comprehensive CRM solution with a suite of integrations ranging from email marketing to accounting, making it a top choice for businesses seeking a CRM that seamlessly integrates with their existing Google tools.

#27. EngageBay

Image Credit: EngageBay
Price:Free trial
Paid plans start from $12.74 per user per month – $101.99 per user per month
Key Features:Unlimited contact storage and management
Deal management and sales automation
Advanced marketing automation features
Email sequences and template builder
Integrated helpdesk with ticket management

EngageBay is a holistic, all-in-one CRM software catering to the diverse needs of small businesses in Singapore. It’s a single solution streamlining contact management, sales automation, and customer support, ensuring a smooth customer journey from initial contact to sale. 

EngageBay’s comprehensive suite includes advanced features like marketing automation, helpdesk software, and live chat capabilities to enhance customer interactions and conversions. 

Its emphasis on data analytics, inventory management, and end-to-end interaction management gives businesses a 360-degree view of prospects, aiding in personalised sales strategies. 

With its user-friendly interface, robust security, and seamless third-party integrations, EngageBay positions itself as the best CRM software for small businesses, offering an affordable yet powerful tool to manage sales, marketing, and customer support under one roof.

Conclusion About The Best CRM Software For Small Businesses In Singapore

The best CRM software for small businesses in Singapore stands out for its ability to harmonise customer data, enhance communication, and drive sales, all while being cost-effective and scalable. 

This list has explored top-tier options that meet and exceed small businesses’ dynamic requirements in Singapore’s competitive environment. Embracing these solutions can be a game-changer for small businesses looking to thrive and expand in the digital age.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best CRM Software For Small Businesses In Singapore

What Ongoing Support And Maintenance Requirements Should Small Businesses In Singapore Be Aware Of When Using CRM Software?

Small businesses in Singapore using CRM software should expect regular updates and bug fixes as part of ongoing support. They should also seek reliable customer service from their CRM provider, including training and troubleshooting assistance.

Additionally, businesses must plan for data backup and system upgrades to ensure the CRM software remains effective and secure.

How Does CRM Software For Small Businesses In Singapore Support Marketing And Sales Alignment For More Effective Campaigns And Conversions?

These tools include shared databases for customer information, lead scoring systems to prioritise prospects, and tracking features to monitor customer interactions across both departments. This integration ensures a unified approach to customer engagement, enhancing campaign effectiveness and conversion rates.

What Security Features Should Singaporean Small Businesses Look For In CRM Software?

Essential features include data encryption, secure access controls, and two-factor authentication. Compliance with data protection regulations like PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is also crucial. Businesses should also seek software that offers regular security updates to guard against evolving cyber threats.

Are There Industry-Specific CRM Solutions Available For Small Businesses In Singapore?

Yes, these specialised CRMs cater to the unique needs of different sectors, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, or finance, offering tailored functionalities like appointment scheduling, inventory management, or regulatory compliance tools. Such solutions help businesses in targeted industries manage customer relationships more effectively and efficiently.


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